in Bucks County
Mission Statement
"The staff at Hope Springs is committed to giving the best of themselves in an effort to bring out the best in all of those who enter our facility. Our goal each and every day is to exceed all of our clients expectations."

At Hope Springs Behavioral Health we work with adults and children who, due to life’s issues and stressors, need assistance in developing the kinds of everyday skills that allow them to function more independently and bring confidencem and happiness, to their lives.

Our skilled, highly qualified therapists are experienced in working with children, adolescents, and adults with various neurological and behavioral conditions.

Through a variety of proven treatment modalities and supportive counseling, and with a large measure of caring and compassion, we help clients meet their life goals.

Hope Springs takes a unique approach to each individual. The experienced staff at Hope Springs has embraced the philosophy that each of us is very different even when suffering from similar conditions. Although our treatment plans are based on proven techniques, we realize that there is not a one size fits all treatment plan.

Call and speak with one of our intake specialists about your current condition and goals. He or she will recommend one of the therapists on our staff — someone who has experience working with clients like you. Regardless of the issue, your therapist will create a treatment plan aimed at providing you with the necessary tools to bring peace and happiness to your life. Compassionate care and a treatment plan that is carefully tailored to your individual needs can help you make rapid progress.

Don't let yourself suffer any longer. Call us today.